Glaze Number 31

Floating Green
Chappells Floating Blue
with 4% copper carbonate

Two Dips

Yellow Green type Glaze
Very smooth no pinholes.  May look better
with 2% copper carb
Somewhat muddy looking
Glaze Number 32

Bottom Glaze
Bailey's Red without Kaolin
(See his Cone 6 book)
One Dip

Middle Glaze
Coyotte Shino
One Dip

Top Glaze
Coyotte Red Gold
One Dip

This is one of my most
interesting tests.  It broke
copper as you can see.
Nice smooth glaze with no
pinholes.  Great combination.
Has a great deal of potential and
may even do better with a hold
in firing down.
Glaze Number 33

JH&RR MC6 Raw Sienna

One Dip

Not very remarkable brown
semi transparent.  I fast fire up and
down so you may get a different
result from slow downs in firing.
Some pinholes with cone 6 down
to 9 o'clock.
Glaze Number 34

JH&rRR MC6 Waterfall Brown

One Dip

Nice Smooth Brown glaze
with some varigation if you
look close.  Needs to be slow fired down
for more patterns.  Nice brown
glaze thin one dip.  No pinholes.
Glaze Number 35

Bottom Glaze is Jayne Shatz's Glossy Black
Two Dips

Top Glaze is JH&RR MC6 Waterfall Brown
One Dip

Muddy Green breaking dark blue
Not remarkable
Smooth but has a few small pinholes.
Glaze Number 36

Bottom Glaze is MC6 JH Bright Sky Blue
Two Dips

Top Glaze is RR Waterfall Brown
One Dip

Greentone with brownish tint
Smooth, but had some pinholes.
See book for their firing schedule.
Glazes were fired on Highwater Ellen Buff clay.
Cone 6 at 9 o'clock