Glaze Number 21

McCall's Mixed White
This is a glaze that I mixed 50% and 50%
1/2 of the Glaze is JH&RR MC6 Magolica Glaze
1/2 at Gertsley Borate Glaze
(GB 50%, Kaolin 25%, and Silica 25%, Zircopax 8%)
The reason I did this was that JH&RR Majolica
was coming out too fat for me and I was
getting some pinholes.
I wanted a more fluid glaze, but one that
was opaque also.

Apply no more than two dips or you
will get pinholes.

You may also want to try a 75%/25% mix.
Glaze Number 22

70%          Frit--Ferro 3195
8 %         Kaolin--EPK
10%          Wollastonite
12%          Silica

Nice clear smooth glaze, but
I had pinholes and some bubbles
with large Cone 6 at 9 o'clock
May need to fire higher or increase Frit
Has potential.  Maybe someone has
another suggestion for reducing pinholes
and bubbles.  Very clear.  This glaze was in a recent
issue of Ceramics Monthly.
Glaze Number 23

Waterfall Blue type glaze

Bottom Glaze is Blue Matt
Two Dips

Top Glaze is Glossy Clear
One Dip

Alot of movement and some collection
at bottom.  Also alot of very fine small
pinholes.  Where thick at the bottom
it had a green edge and no pinholes.
Glaze number 24

Bottom Glaze is Glossy Black
One Dip

Top Glaze is JH&RR MC6  Bright Sky Blue
One Dip

Smooth, semi gloss with patterns.
Somewhat muddy.  No pinholes
Glaze Number 25

Amaco's Pompepian Blue Ash

I found that it has to be applied thin
or you will get bubbles.  May need to be
fired at a higher temp.
This piece is somewhat dry.
Glaze Number 26

Amaco Shino

Two Dips

Bottom shows color of one dip

Smooth semi matt
Basically a solid color
No variations or texture
Works good with Nutmeg
and other shinos in tests
to have a variation in color.
Not remarkable by itself
Glaze Number 27

Bottom Glaze is Amaco Shino
One Dip

Middle Glaze is Coyotte Shino
One Dip

Top Glaze is Coyotte Red Gold
One Dip

Shows different color variations, smooth,
breaks cream where thick
Nice glaze no pinholes.
Glaze Number 28

JH&RR MC6 Variagated Blue
Two Dips

Nice, smooth, breaks
clear on edges.
Glaze Number 29

Bottom Glaze is JH&RR MC6 Variagated Blue
One Dip

Middle Glaze is Glossy Black
One Dip

Top Glaze is Jade Green
One Dip

Nice, smooth, but had some
pinholes.  Glazes may need to be
Glaze Number 30

Mixed Glaze
Used 4 oz. Duncan Cone 05/06 Clear
added 1/4 cup of Kaolin
and 1/4 cup Silica

Two Dips

I was given a gallon of the Duncan Clear
and it must have been 20 years old.  Remixed
and tried this combination with the following:


This actually turned out to be a nice semi glossy
clear glaze.  It will bubble where thick. I want to
try it with 1/8 cup of kaolin and 1/8 cup of silica
to reduce bubbles where thick.
It is very nice where it does not collect and has
and almost orange peel feel.
Glazes were fired on Highwater Ellen Buff Clay.
Cone 6 at 9 o'clock in 7 1/2 hours.