These Glaze Tests were fired on Highwater Ellen Buff Clay.  The Cones touched shelf at Cone 6.  I did a 15
minute soak at top temp on MED.  Started cutting manual
switches off at 5 minute intervals after the first 15 minutes.
This Glaze is Noxema Blue

Two Dips

Bright Blue with smooth nice glaze.  No
pinholes.  I did two tests on this glaze.  One
where I washed the test tube and the other
where I did not wash the tube.  There were a
number of significant pinholes where I did not
wash the tube. 
This is Glaze Number 53

June Perry's Chrome Red
with 2.5 grams of Cobalt Carb added. (1000 gram batch)
Not 2.5%.  Brushed some Amaco Turquoise
underglaze on top of this glaze and it just washed
Glaze Number 54

One Dip of Jade Green
One Dip of JP's Chrome Red
with Cobalt Carb

Results were a nice smooth light
purple glaze with whitish purple streaking
Glaze Number 55

1 Dip of Blue Matt
1 Dip of Jade Green
1 Dip of JP's Chrome Red with
Cobalt Carb

Results were a nice varigated blue purple
glaze.  No pinholes
Glaze Number 56

Two Dips of Nutmeg
with Amaco Turquoise overglaze used as
a overglaze.  Overglaze bubbled where it
was thick.
Glaze Number 58

Two Dips of Nutmeg
with Mayco Turguoise Underglaze
Turquoise was applied underglaze.
Area over Turquoise came through glaze, but
was shiny and somewhat washed out.
Glaze Number 60

Two Dips of JH&RR MC6 Clear Liner with
.5% Cobalt Carb (that is point 5%)
6% Rutile and 8% Zircopax.  This is
an almost lavender glaze, but had some
pinholes even with short soak at top temp.
Nice glaze, tried this as I like the Jade Green
so much.