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Solving Work Problems at the Local Level


Solving problems at the local can be a hit or miss proposition if a structured approach is not taken by managers to address this issue. Over the years many organizations see solutions to problems go through a cyclical phenomenon. Whole systems are changed to solve problems when all that was necessary was to address a specific problem area and implement a solution in a system that worked. After years of changing systems, many systems return, because managers change systems(they run out of systems to use) rather than correct problems and implement solutions. Any change in an organization will increase productivity. After a few years this productivity is lost and problems develop within the new system. Managers begin to view the new system as the problem rather than analyzing the work process and solving problems within that work process.

Just think of the tremendous amount of resources expended every time whole work systems are changed because certain procedures were not followed and all the manager had to do was make sure the established procedures were followed in the first place.

Innovation and creativity in the work place should be promoted in any organization if it is to survive. All problems in the work place can be resolved if the organization has the resources to implement the solution. Staff can come up with solutions to improve the work process if given the opportunity.


Define the Problem

Track down the specific cause

Define Solutions

Implement Solutions

Define a Review System

This information has been gleaned from various articles on Quality Management and years of personal experience in the work place. To find articles on Quality Management use your Internet Search Engine to research articles on the above topic.