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My Use Of The PalmPilot
Date Book The Date Book application is used to keep up with worker conferences, meetings, training sessions, projects, reports, or any task that must be completed by certain time frames. It is also used to document tasks that have been completed for any future reference. It hotsyncs to the PC so a calendar can be generated to let other staff know of schedule for coming month. Most used application on the PalmPilot.
Address Book The Address Book keeps information on various contacts such as name, address, telephone number, fax number, or anything of importance to that contact. Some of the ways this is used:
A. Keeps a listing of all Agencies in the County with telephone numbers and addresses. This was imported from a Resource Database we had developed in our county.
B. Lists of all personnel in county office with telephone numbers. Set up by Shifts for Emergency Prepardness duties for staff.
C. Listing of any important telephone numbers and fax numbers that are needed for frequent contact.
D. Lists of all Volunteers in Family Independence Program.
Memo Pad This application is used to store Work Program codes, Cost Center Codes, County numbers, notes, presentation outlines, or any reference information.
Calculator Used when you need to access quick math calculations
JFile JFile is a shareware program that allows you to set up and customize a flat data base. This program has been used to develop a db that records Job Placements. It also has programs for Telephone Area Code information, Drug Lists information, plus many programs that can be downloaded off the Internet.
Date Calc Data Calc is a program that tells you the number of days between dates or will calculate the date from a set number of days.
Delorme GPS Automatically downloads directions from StreetAtlas program whenever making trips.
Possible Uses for Workers JFILE can be used to keep up with worker contacts such as client information, actions taken, and notes about client. Program uses Popup Menu for easy data entry. This can be exported to a spreadsheet for printing.
EXPENSES can be used to keep up with daily mileage out in the field.

WorkForce Consultant's
Use Of The PalmPilot

Date Book Uses the Date Book program the same as above, but also uses in regards to employer contacts, and appointments with clients to help move them into jobs. WorkForce Consultant is able to show contacts with employers and any necessary notes. This info can be downloaded into Approach db for necessary reports.
Address Book All employers in the county were downloaded into the Address Book with addresses, telephone numbers and contact persons. Very useful when out in the field and needing information about location of business. Business info was downloaded from a Phone Book program so we did not have to manually record information.
Expense Program Uses this program to track mileage and expenses due to extensive travel contacts with employers.