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It would definitely be better for you to send it here
for repair. Having said that, here is how to fix your foot pedal.
Keeping the heel of the box at your left and the pot on your right, turn
the shaft on the potentiometer (pot) off. This will be all the way right.
Test this by turning on the system. If the wheel head creeps, the pot is
not off.
The tongue goes in to gear on the pot 'second tooth straight in' as you
look at it with the flat side down.
Once the tongue and gear are properly aligned, pull out the tongue a little
bit and insert the spring and end pin into the tube.
Align again the tooth and gear.
Use a screwdriver to help you push the end pin into the foot pedal box.
Test the motion of the pedal. It should be smooth. And full range.
Replace the lid on the pedal by:Placing it over the bottom, do the ' not
corded' side first. The end pin will slip in the hole on the lid easily.
Rotate the pedal with cord side up (the pedal lays flat and its easier).
Position the lid over the end pin and pop it in. You will probably have to
coerce it in by poking the screwdriver in through the heel and pushing up or
down until you hear the spring pop. The end pin should fit flush through the
Once it is in place, hit the end pin directly over the pin and it will pop
through flush.
Test the motion again and make sure the wheel head does not creep. It should
be off when the heel is down and running its fasted when the pedal is
pressed down flat.

Hopefully, your wheel is working good as new. If it is still not going as
fast as it should, you can turn up the MAX setting by the trim pot located
in the control system.

To avoid electrical shock hazard, unplug the system!!!

How old your table is will depend what your control board will look like.
Remove the lid. There will be 4 trim pots if your table is less than about
16 months old. The trim pot is flat and round and looks like a tire laying
on its side. Look for the letters MAX nearest the trim pot 2nd from the
left. It is easiest to set the board when it is off the table. Remove both
keep nuts which hold on the system. Move the capacitor out of the way and
flip the board up. The capacitor looks like a D size battery held on by a
red and yellow wire. Insert a tooth pick or eye glass screw driver into the
trim pot from the outside edge. Plug the wheel in. Turn on the power switch.
Push the foot pedal all the way down so that the wheel is spinning as fast
as it can. Ideally, a multi meter is clipped to the board on the brown and
blue flag connectors located between the red and yellow capacitor wires. The
board for industry standard is set to 105.anything. You may wish to turn it
up to 110 which will match most people house current. Without a multi meter,
You will not know exactly how high you are setting the board. For the best
performance the board should not be all the way on. Just turn it up as high
as necessary to suit you application. After you are satisfied with the wheel
speed, replace the board into the box and fit in all the components. Replace
the lid on the box and replace the box on the table.
If the wheel still is not spinning as fast as it should. You will need to
send it in for replacement.

If the system only has 2 trim pots, find the one that says MAX and turn it
all the way up. If it is all the way up already, Then you have a bad board
and you will need to send it in for replacement.

Ordinarily, people who choose to make their own repairs void any warranty
period which is remaining on their table. Be careful. I will honor your
warranty only if you try this and it was the board was bad already. If you
ruin the board you will need to buy a new one. There is definitely a knack
to putting a foot pedal together.

I hope all this helps you. Please feel free to email me back or to call our
toll free number 1-800-748-5530